Ossining Community Speaks Out On Superintendent Search

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Ossining residents weigh in on the Ossining School District's search for a new superintendent during a meeting Tuesday night at Roosevelt School. Photo Credit: Nathan Bruttell

OSSINING, N.Y. – Ossining residents know that the next Ossining School District superintendent is going to have a difficult road ahead.

Community members attending a public meeting Monday night at Roosevelt School said their ideal leader would have a passion for Ossining and the vision to lead the district through what looks to be a challenging financial future. The statements came during the first of four public meetings with Putnam-Northern Westchester BOCES consultants that allow residents to weigh in on the district’s superintendent search.

“We’re heading into a very difficult time period in terms of future budget projections,” said parent Evan Janush. “It is critical that a person has been through a district with tremendously difficult budgetary issues like what we’re about to face.”

Former school board member Alice Joselow agreed.

“Every community has complex politics but our community was one of the first in Westchester to have a tax revolt related to our budget,” Joselow said. “That’s a serious situation we face and we’re going to need to get more people invested in the school system.”

Former Ossining teacher Mirla Morrison, who has seen several superintendents in Ossining in the last few decades, said she holds one quality above all else.

“They need to have a passion for Ossining. Not just to live here but to really love what we have as a community and what makes us unique,” Morrison said. “That’s the difference that I’ve seen.”

Superintendent of Schools Phyllis Glassman announced earlier this year that she plans to retire in mid-January, capping a career of more than 20 years with the Ossining School District. BOCES consultant and assistant superintendent John McCarthy took public comments and said the board expects to hire a superintendent by July 1. McCarthy later added that the search committee would look nationwide for candidates.

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I wonder why only now we have realized that we are facing financial issues? where were these thoughts when we built 3 "turf fields"? Where were these concerns when we gave first Dr. Rolle and now Dr. Glassman a "golden parachute" worth 250 K per year? Don't get me wrong I love the kids who play on those fields..they bring me lots of joy! We just don,t need 3 fields! We cannot afford (we meaning the taxpayers) ...cannot afford paying for the educations of sooo many
NON TAXPAYING kids with all the expenses needed to do so.