Briarcliff Vet's Hospital In Yorktown Honored In Westchester Magazine

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The staff at Yorktown Animal Hospital.
The staff at Yorktown Animal Hospital. Photo Credit: Sam Barron

YORKTOWN, N.Y. -- Yorktown Animal Hospital was recently named among the best animal hospitals in Westchester according to Westchester Magazine.

"We won because of our team," Dr. Steven Kasanofsky, one of the veterinarians, said. "We practice good medicine and offer compassionate care."

Dr. Phillip Raclyn said there are many great animal hospitals in Westchester offering advanced animal care with MRIs and CT scans.

"We don't do that," Raclyn, a Briarcliff Manor resident, said. "We are the family doctors for the four-legged members of the family. We have a great staff that is devoted to taking care of people's pets."

Raclyn said since you can't train people to be nice, motivated and caring, they make sure to hire people that fit those characteristics. 

"Every client is surveyed on how we did," Raclyn said. "Over 99 percent said they would recommend us again. Clearly we're doing something right."

Raclyn and Kasanofsky, a Croton-On-Hudson resident, had practices in New York City but decided to open a practice closer to home after the Sept.11 attacks.

"We love it up here," Kasanofsky said. "This is a great place to be and a great community to service."

What sets Yorktown Animal Hospital apart is services they offer like pet acupuncture.

"The dogs are extremely receptive," Kasanofsky said.

Both vets said dogs and cats should be considered part of the family and be treated as such. They also recommended purchasing pet insurance.

"No one should have to make a decision about their pet based on cost," Raclyn said.

Dogs and cats should not be fed grapes, raisins, onions and chocolate and pet owners should be careful of mulch and antifreeze.

"You shouldn't self medicate your pet," Kasanofsky said.

Treating and having to put down sick animals can sometimes be draining, Kasanofsky said.

"You have to approach it with compassion," Kasanofsky said. "It's frustrating and sad when you can't help someone. The decision to end a pet's life is a difficult one. You have to regroup, though you take it home with you."

Raclyn has five dogs and a cat, while Kasanofsky has one dog and one cat.

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Comments (6)

Animal hospitals are really very important for various treatment purposes. Some popular Animal healthcare centers are doing their work very nicely to provide the best the health care services to admitted animals over there. These animals need proper diagnosis to get them free out of any diseases to live a healthy life.

Love them!! My baby Jemma has been taken care of by YAH since she was 6 months old (she's now 4). The staff is absolutely wonderful. I highly recommend taking your fur babies there!!

This article definitely needs a new title. I thought it meant the Briarcliff Manor Animal Hospital at first...

Yorktown Animal Hospital located in Yorktown Heights was named Best In Westchester.

Yes I am confused too I thought you were talking about Croton Animal Hospital on Riverside Ave.

Folks there is a Croton Veterinarians hospital but this says Yorktown Veterinarians hospital won...which is it please correct your information