Briarcliff Could Get 3-6 Inches Of Snow On Tuesday

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Westchester should be spared the heaviest totals in the storm expected to arrive Tuesday. Arrives south and east of New York City could receive up to 10 inches.
Westchester should be spared the heaviest totals in the storm expected to arrive Tuesday. Arrives south and east of New York City could receive up to 10 inches. Photo Credit: File photo

WESTCHESTER COUNTY, N.Y. – Westchester County residents returning to work Tuesday after Monday’s observance of Martin Luther King Jr. Day should be ready for some snow.

Snow should begin falling after noontime Tuesday in Westchester, with accumulations between 1 and 3 inches possible by early evening, according to the National Weather Service. Snow is expected to continue through midnight with another 1-3 inches of accumulation possible.

Areas south and east of New York City could receive as much as 6-10 inches accumulation, especially on eastern Long Island.

Also, get ready for a return to frigid temperatures.

An arctic air mass will settle in the region, resulting in a high temperature of only between 20 and 22 degrees on Tuesday and 18-20 degrees on Wednesday. Wednesday is expected to be mostly sunny.

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Comments (9)

Oh joeboy, you give much to much credit, I am a voice crying out in the wilderness [John, Isaiah, Mark] in an era of politicisation...but I do take it as a compliment - thank you.

I am sure this snowstorm has something to do with Governor Cuomo's mantra of telling all anti-abortionists, gun totting conservatives, religious zealots [First Amendment and all that nonsense], and oh, let's not forget the white supremacists, that they "are not [n]ew [y]orkers." This while the Governor has 8 unmarked cars parked in Mount Kisco, armed guards following his every step, probably his own snowplow vehicle to get him to a helicopter or driven to and from Albany, and the luxury of owning his own gun; but, what does that have to do with a snowstorn you may ask; nothing, just thought I would throw another ridiculous non-newswothy story for readers. The only one who should get out of New York, Governor, is you. And while you are at it, stop by Chappaqua and pick up Hillary and take her with you [she will probably beat you anyway, if she runs against you in this years' election]; but leave Bill, I am sure there are pleanty of interns left for him "not to have sex with..."

Congrats on being the first person ever to politicize a snowstorm.

Joe- he's not the first. Someone beat him to it on another snowstorm story earlier. Oh, and when I replied with a comment very much like yours, it kept getting deleted. By whom, I do not know. But just take a look at all the anti-democrat comments on this site. Maybe it's time to start paying more attention to this website's advertisers.

Since when has 4-6 inches of snow become a major story in winter time north of Manhattan. Doesn't this happen every year at least 3 or 4 times. 2 feet of snow is a problem for a couple days. 6 inches of snow is a problem for about 3 hours. Hunker down now.

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I think that the schools are closed based upon the safety during travels to and from, of the students. I do not know if this is still the case, but years ago this decision was made by the school bus companies.

You forgot to mention, buy plywood, shovels, batteries, bread, milk, and make sure you have a battery operated radio and flashlight for when we lose power. This is so ridiculous.

Yea, same old nonsense - we'll probably close the schools, shutter the town halls, barricade the sloped streets and otherwise keep eveyone inside. What are Americans going to do when there is a real "trajedy.? Perish the thought!