Village Of Ossining Starts Pilot Project to Improve Traffic

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Spring Street between Main Street and St. Paul's Place will become a two-way street on August 4.
Spring Street between Main Street and St. Paul's Place will become a two-way street on August 4. Photo Credit:

OSSINING, N.Y. – Spring Street between Main Street and St. Paul’s Place will be converted from a one-way to a two-way street on Monday, Aug. 4 as part of a pilot project.

Village officials hope the experiment will improve traffic and pedestrian circulation while furthering the economic vitality of businesses on Spring Street and the entire downtown area. That goal was included in the village’s recently approved comprehensive development plan.

"The trustees and I are very excited about this important modification to traffic in our downtown business district,” said Ossining Mayor Bill Hanauer in a press release. “We've heard from numerous business proprietors on Spring Street who are eagerly looking forward to easier access for their customers and many delighted pedestrians, whose safety will be enhanced. I encourage more businesses and residents to give us feedback as well."

Portions of the road will be restriped to accommodate the new traffic pattern. Regular traffic striping will mark the area of the eventual curb extensions and pedestrian refuge islands, according to a press release. Flexible bollards, temporary planters, stones, and fencing may also be incorporated to delineate the new circulation.

Traffic consulting firm Nelson and Nygaard assisted with the project's technical aspects.

If the pilot project succeeds, village officials expect the permanent improvements to be done in the spring of 2015.

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Comments (4)

By putting a double yellow line through there its hard for me to see how that is going to improve the traffic flow. Coming out of the post office and making a left turn onto spring is now going to be suicide, not only for cars but people walking around. Somebody is going to get hurt.

A major solution to a very minor problem.

How many proprietors are there between Main and St. Paul's Pl.? A parking lot and a bank and a couple of stores. .

What - no map?