Prayer Rally Held In Ossining For Persecuted Christians

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The Rev. Gershwin Grant (Calvary Baptist Church) and David Morrison (St. Ann’s Roman Catholic Church) were some of the religious leaders on hand for a special prayer service held for persecuted Christians.

OSSINING, N.Y. -- Six Ossining area congregations came together for a special prayer service for persecuted Christians at the First Baptist Church on Sunday, Dec. 8. 

Twenty-eight leaders signed copies of a 300-word letter to six officials: two members of the U.S. House of Representatives representing the Ossining area, both U.S. senators from New York, Secretary of State John Kerry, and President Barack Obama. The group met, sang, prayed and then walked together to deliver the six letters at the Ossining Post Office – where they prayed for each letter individually as it was then deposited.

According to the letter, approximately 1.5 million men, women and children worldwide have been murdered for being Christian since 2001. 

The letter referred the politicians to their own U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom ( as a reliable resource. It also led them to, a website created by Paul de Vries, interim pastor at First Baptist Church.

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