MTA Plans Flood Prevention At Ossining Train Station

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The MTA says that a new project set for this spring and summer will prevent flooding at the Ossining train station, seen in the above left photo. Photo Credit: Nathan Bruttell

OSSINING, N.Y. -- The MTA announced Wednesday that they will be partnering with the Village of Ossining to improve flooding that occurs at the Ossining train station.

"We sincerely hope that this cooperative project will solve the long-term problem of storm-related flooding on the east side of the tracks, where we are actively pursuing the construction of a transit oriented development," Village of Ossining Mayor William Hanauer said in a statement.

The project will improve parts of Sing Sing Creep streambed adjacent to the train station in order to prevent the flooding that occurs during periods of heavy rain. The MTA says that the project will eliminate flooding that occurs both on the train tracks and in the train station's parking lot.

The total cost of the project will be $1.4 million, with the Village of Ossining contributing $113,000. Out of that portion, local assemblywoman Sandra Galef helped to provide $80,000 in capital reserve funding towards the village's fee. 

Galef said the project showed how various forms of government can collaborate to help improve a widespread issue like flooding.

"As climate change continues to bring more extreme weather conditions, I anticipate we will be seeing more mitigation projects like this one where different government entities will partner for the long term public good," Galef said. 

The project is set to begin in early April and the MTA estimates that it will be completed by September 2013. 

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