Metro-North Commuters Long For The Return Of The Bar Car

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Metro-North is exploring converting some of the new M-8 rail cars into bar cars for the New Haven Line.
Metro-North is exploring converting some of the new M-8 rail cars into bar cars for the New Haven Line. Photo Credit: Metropolitan Transportation Authority / Patrick Cashin

WESTCHESTER COUNTY, N.Y. -- With the introduction of the new M-8 trains to Metro-North's New Haven Line, the popular "Bar Car" has become something fondly remembered but rarely seen, but hope may be on the way, according to USA Today.

Metro-North has hired a consulting company for $1.1 million to design a retrofitted M-8 car that could bring the bar car on the New Haven Line back to life if the price is right, USA Today reported.

Connecticut would pay for the cars since the New Haven Line operates predominantly in the Nutmeg State. The three cars would operate on outgoing trains from Grand Central terminal. Two of the cars wouldn't stop until Stamford and the third would only make stops in Rye and Port Chester before entering Connecticut, the USA Today said.

For now, Metro-North commuters will have to continue buying their spirits from the platform kiosks at the station.

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Comments (9)

I long for the days when passengers didn't use the trains as garbage dumps, the seats were wide enough for a human, the bathrooms didn't smell like rotting flesh and phones and pointless phone conversations were kept at home.

Metro North should serve free drinks to make up for their lousy service.

Yes, exhausted workers belting down a few drinks before they get into their
two ton SUVs and barreling down the road home. Instead, why not invest in seat belts for passengers, helping prevent injury the next time the engineer falls asleep
at the controls.

By your odd logic you also fight the existence of bars. Adults are very capable of making adult decisions. Grow up. Grow a pair.

Nothing like a tough day at the office, a few drinks on the ride home, and a DWI driving from the station

I think its a fabulous idea- a drink makes everyone a little happier... & who wants to say no to happiness?

Agreed. What kind of jackass must have a drink on a 45 minute train ride? One who needs to be properly liquored up before coming home?

If they can't wait until they get home to "drink" -what does that say? What are we teaching our children?

What adults do on their own, before getting home-is an adult decision. Nothing to do with kids at all.
Having a drink is not at all similar to public intoxication. Do you realize the difference? Do you realize quotes are not needed when you said drink?

We are all now more dumb for reading your words. Nowhere in your statement was there anything close to coherent thought. May god have mercy on your soul.

Also, glad you don't drink. You seem like an angry drunk.