Lots of Summer Renovations at Briarcliff Schools

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Workers fix part of the gymnasium wall at the Briarcliff high school/middle school complex. Photo Credit: Tien-Shun Lee
A worker fixes part of the gymnasium wall at the Briarcliff high school/middle school complex. Photo Credit: Tien-Shun Lee

BRIARCLIFF MANOR, N.Y. – From retiling floors to installing wireless networks, a lot of work has been done at Briarcliff schools over the summer in preparation for the new school year.

"We've had normal maintenance stuff plus some major stuff," said Stuart Mattey, the assistant superintendent for business and technology for Briarcliff schools.

Capital projects at Todd Elementary School included removing old floor tiling that had asbestos abatement in it in four classrooms, and replacing it with new tiling; putting new plumbing and fixtures in two bathrooms; testing cabinetry for mold and repainting two rooms after some flood damage in June; and replacing a 15-by-15-foot piece of the gymnasium floor that was damaged due to flooding.

In addition, one of the Todd School's courtyards was regraded so that flooding of the school wouldn't happen again.

"With all the recent rains, it's been fine," Mattey said.

At the middle and high school complex, all front-facing windows of the high school were replaced with new, energy-efficient windows; exposed steel beams were insulated and covered; gymnasium floors were stripped and refinished; the auditorium floor was refinished and the stage painted black; and a new storage building is being built near the loading dock to store auditorium and maintenance supplies.

Throughout the district, a number of wireless projects were completed, allowing Internet to be wirelessly accessed in all of the schools.

In addition, a new telephone system was installed to replace a system that was 25 years old and subject to breaking down.

"We had wireless in some areas before, but security was an issue," Mattey said. "Now all the issues have been addressed."

The first day of school this year is Sept. 6. Elementary and middle school students will have classes, and high school freshmen will have orientation.

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