Husband of Wrong Way Driver Sues State, In-Laws

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MOUNT PLEASANT, N.Y. – The husband of Diane Schuler, the woman who killed eight people including herself in the horrific wrong way Taconic State Parkway accident in 2009, is suing the State of New York and Warren Hance, according to published reports.

Daniel Schuler believes that the State of New York should be held responsible for not keeping the road safe and failing to provide signs to warn against driving the wrong way. Hance, the brother-in-law of Schuler and father of three young children who were lost in the accident, was the owner of the car driven by Diane Schuler and also faces liability claims.

Thomas Ruskin, the president of CMP Protective and Investigative Group, was hired as a private investigator by Daniel Schuler in 2009 to uncover answers behind his wife's senseless actions that day.

"He told us he really wanted to know the results truthfully," Ruskin said. "He told us, 'That's not the girl that I've known for 13 years and been married to for nine.'"

In July 2009, Diane Schuler drove a minivan owned by Hance that was filled with her two children and Hance's three daughters the wrong way of the Taconic State Parkway. Schuler drove for just under two miles before crashing head on with another vehicle that contained three occupants. The lone survivor of the crash was Schuler's son, Bryan, 5. Toxicology reports later determined that Schuler had a blood alcohol level of .19 at the time of accident, twice the legal limit, and that she was under the influence of marijuana.

Ruskin said that the investigation concluded that Diane did not live a secret life that included alcohol and drug abuse. However, he advised Daniel against a lawsuit and feels that placing the blame on outside parties does not uncover any form of justice.

"At the end of 2009 I told them that that's not what they wanted to do, I was very loud and vocal about my opinion," Ruskin said. "It defies common logic and it doesn't at all lend itself to the need to find the answers, it lends itself to different conclusions."

Melissa Slater, assistant to the regional director of the New York State Department of Transportation, said she was unaware of the lawsuit Tuesday afternoon and was unavailable to comment without consulting the state's legal department.

Calls made to Schuler's lawyer, Kevin Greenan, were not returned.

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The extreme state of denial by Mr. Shuler is bizarre and in my opinion a factor in why this accident occurred. His wife probably went to extremes to hide her drinking, but we all see he is in denial when he calls her perfect. None of us are. He says she was a drinker and toker yet never was drunk. A casual drinker does not get to .19 in the middle of the day when they are heading home with children in their care. To say she drove erratically for a substantial length of time and then later in the wrong direction due to a stroke or abcess is absurd and delusional. She was diabetic, alcoholic, a stoner. She declined treatment for her dental problems and broke off contact with most or all of her close friends from school days. Far from perfect, this woman had a lot of issues.

No one close to Mr Shuler in the documentary seems to have the guts to call his obvious BS out of sympathy for his tragic situation. He is shielding himself from any responsibility rather than accept the facts. It's delusional to push forward on the exhumation after the best advisors say the autopsy was done very well. The back up test paid for by Shuler confirmed the extreme intoxication. She was also stoned on weed. The drinking was her fault and the accident was her fault but his denial against all logic indicates he has a lot of guilt for his own actions.

Forcing the state to make more signs not to enter a highway the wrong way will not protect society from intoxicated drivers like Shuler. Suing your brother in law after your extremely drunk and stoned wife killed his three children is a ticket to hell for the survivors and as a result I have lost all sympathy for Mr Shuler. The conclusion I got from the documentary is that he is not good person because he's very selfish and he is in denial and lying at the level of a Roger Clemens. No one believes you Mr. Shuler, even your paid legal scumbags.

Diane Shuler had some bad habits and made some very bad choices that affected a lot of people. Her husband was probably in denial of those bad habits before and now he is even worse. It is not someone else's fault. She was a drunk driver that killed eight people and that's a fact.