Former Ossining Teacher Pleads Guilty In Student Rape Case, Spared Prison

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The former Ossining High School teacher was given 10 years sex-offender probation Photo Credit: File Photo

OSSINING, N.Y. -- The former Ossining High School teacher who was arrested and charged with sexual offenses on what was supposed to be his wedding day, was sentenced to 10 years on sex-offender probation Tuesday, according to a LoHud report

John Azabache pleaded guilty in September to felony third-degree rape in September. Judge Susan Cacace ordered Azabache, a Port Chester resident, to spend 10 years on sex-offender probation and that he register as a sex offender, according to the LoHud report. 

Azabache was previously charged with two counts of third-degree rape, a felony punishable by up to four years in prison, according to LoHud. His wedding was called off after news of the arrest and charges.

The girl was an Ossining High School student who could not legally consent because she was underage. The girl's parents reported the allegations to police in July. 

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There are two cases to think about. One involves a professional football player, a wide receiver, accused of rape in Minnesota. The accuser took the stand and wept as she told of her ordeal. The defense attorney had her confirm that she was on the floor of the bathroom and the football player used his powerful hands to spread her legs to enter her. The defense attorney asked her to step down. She asked the judge if she had to, and the judge said yes. The defense attorney escorted the young woman to a model of the bathroom and opened the door thereto. She then blurted out "This isn't right; it is much too small." The defense attorney called the carpenter who said all measurements were within a sixteenth of an inch of the actual bathroom and the football player was aquited.

The community was split on the case with some taking the "she said" as true and other taking the "he said" as true. The man was lucky to be able to prove the negative. But he was under a cloud of suspicion, and his defense was not cheep. The relevance to the case at issue for the Ossining teacher was that the Minnesota girl's claims were investigated and she had no obvious mental problems. What is chilling is that a seamingly normal girl had no understanding of the damage that she did.

The second case involves the female teacher in Croton who foolishly tutored students in her home. The Westchester DA indited and got a conviction based on the braggadocio of a punk. It was horrible. This problem with our DA and our populous is serious. The blatant assumption of conclusions in the comments hereto show no protection from rational procedure. The Central Park Jogger case is another example of the lack of clear thinking. When the true assailant was found, the case against the wrongly convicted boys showed all kinds of problems with the case.

Mr. Gullotta's use of the term "looser teacher" is as offensive as using the term "looser Jews" with respect to the holocaust. Shame on him.


There is an extensive investigation in something like this to prevent what bill10526 is talking about. Mere accusation is not enough. Teachers need to be held to a higher standard. We do not know all the details of the case .In order to protect the victim, many details are not revealed.


The looser teacher pleaded guilty to statutory rape.. She was under age, there was trust an code broken. He deserved jail time, then probation. A 30 year old teacher is not suppose to be dating or having sex with students. Bill, seems like you are trying to blame victim, are you serious!!!!!! Tougher laws are need and fast.. my name is Matt and I approve this mesg.


Citizens can have no confidence what so ever in the result. Political activists require that the she said in he said/ she said cases be believed even though there are many cases where the she said is false. Could the girl in this case be just furious that her crush was getting married to somebody else? Prosecutors make use of the political bias to threaten imprisionment and get their quary to plead. The need to register as a sex offender is horrific, but prosecutors care only in getting a notch on their belt. It's sickening.

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