Briarcliff Hopes To Finish Road Work This Week

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Briarcliff Manor road crews expect to finish paving projects in the village later this week.
Briarcliff Manor road crews expect to finish paving projects in the village later this week. Photo Credit: Nathan Bruttell

BRIARCLIFF MANOR, N.Y. – Several Briarcliff Manor paving projects delayed by heavy wind and rain last week should be finished ahead of more rain expected later this week, village officials say.

The delayed projects were along roughly two miles of Long Hill East Road, Elm Road and Tuttle Road. Briarcliff Village Manager Philip Zegarelli said the bad weather shortened what was already a small window for the completion of the work.

“It takes a little time to prep the roads, and when that finished they ended up having high winds and got some debris on the road,” Zegarelli said. “Then you had the threat of heavy rain. A little misty rain is good because it helps cool the asphalt down, but the heavy rain was too much for it.”

Because of autumn's often unpredictable weather, village officials usually try to finish paving work earlier in the year, Zegarelli said. But that wasn’t an option this year.

“We tend to do all of our projects at the tail end of summer. If you do it in the middle of the summer, it won’t set because of the high temperatures and you’ll end up having to redo it,” Zegarelli said. “But if you wait too long or have weather issues, that can also cause problems. So no time is a good time to do these things.”

Zegarelli added that he expected all of this year’s road projects to be completed this week. Village crews confirmed Monday that they expected to be finished this week. Residents are asked to use caution around Long Hill East Road, South State Road, Elm Road and Tuttle Road. 

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seriously....this was the WORST planned paving job I have ever seen. I understand that roads need to be closed, but when the alternate routes were also closed to get to my house, it becomes frustrating. Closing streets that are major cut throughs during the day really caused inconveniences for a lot of town members. Lastly, its especially ridiculous that kids have to be dropped off away from their stop and walk down Long Hill to their homes because the road was closed.