Accident Blocks Traffic On Route 9A In Ossining, Driver Hospitalized

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Traffic is moving slow as cars are being diverted off northbound Route 9A for an overturned vehicle in Ossining.
Traffic is moving slow as cars are being diverted off northbound Route 9A for an overturned vehicle in Ossining. Photo Credit: Google Maps

OSSINING, N.Y. -- An overturned garbage truck on Route 9A northbound was causing severe traffic in Ossining Monday afternoon and left the driver hospitalized with neck and back injuries, according to Westchester County Police spokesperson Kieran O'Leary.

At around 12:20 p.m., the garbage truck collided with a pickup truck and overturned onto its passenger side, according to police. The sanitation driver was transported to the Westchester Medical Center with neck and back injuries after he was removed from the truck by members of the Ossining Fire Department. The driver of the pickup truck refused medical attention at the scene.

The overturned vehicle blocked all lanes and police were directing traffic off the roadway at Shady Lane Farm Road. Police are cleaning up spilled gasoline on the roadway while conducting an accident investigation.

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Comments (6)

Accidents like this take time to clear because:
-Victims must be rescued by firefighters.
-Police investigations have to take place, especially when there is an injury. Measurements, photos, angle analysis, all take time, and the vehicles have to stay where they are during the investigation.
-Once the preliminary investigation is completed, the vehicles have to be taken away. To get a fully loaded garbage truck upright, the towing company has to use two heavy duty tow trucks, a massive airbag system, and experts who know how to operate the equipment slowly and carefully to not create more tragedy. Firefighters and equipment stay on the scene in case of a fire or spill.
-After the vehicles are removed, police need to finish their investigation with measurements and photos of where the vehicles laid.
-Often, the vehicles involved in the accidents leak fuel, oil, hydraulic fluid—all toxic to people and the environment. A trained clean up crew comes in to remove the waste after the vehicles are taken away and the investigation is complete.

All this takes time. Thank you to all the police, fire, towing, and cleaning personnel involved in helping at this accident scene. You did a careful, complete and fantastic job.

Garbage trucks are large, and righting an overturned truck would take special skill I presume. The comment by stephano above asserts facts not in evidence about the speed of the vehicles. stephano might be right, but it is unwarranted speculation at this point.

Why is it taking sooooo long to reopen the road??? It's 6 pm and it's long over. What is the County PD doing? Enough already....investigating what? He was driving too fast and lost control.....end of story! Just another example of incompetency by these police. Open the damn road!!!!!!

I don't think speed was a factor. If the police are being meticulous with their investigation, how is this an example of incompetence? If I am involved in an accident like this, I hope the police will be as careful and complete as the Westchester County Police proved themselves to be.