Do You Know Where This Is In Ossining?

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Do you know where this photo was taken?
Do you know where this photo was taken? Photo Credit: Robert Michelin

OSSINING, N.Y. – How well do you know Ossining? This photograph was taken somewhere in town. Do you know where? Take your best guess as part of The Ossining Daily Voice's weekly photo contest.

Each week, we will post a picture from somewhere in Ossining, and it's your job to tell us where it was taken.

Be as specific as possible with your answer and leave it in the comments section below. Good luck.

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Comments (3)

That's a pretty lousy clue guys. Unless you are at the filming no one would find this. Make it fair for everyone.

The former Town of Ossining Police Headquarters on North State Road

Ossining town police station, this game is fun but you should report news like this :